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NH AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie speaks to WMUR
Union Members protest Right to Work Derryfield Country Club
Right to Work protest against Bill O'Brien's Americans for Prosperity
Right to Work Wrong
Sharlene and Kurt at Derryfield Right to Work Protest
Right to Work protest against Bill O'Brien's Americans for Prosperity at Derryfield Country Club
Manchester Guild out at Grappone Center while Joe McQuaid get honors
Norm Welsh President TNG 31167, Kurt Ehrenberg, and NH AFLCIO President Mark MacKenzie
NH Governor Hassan speaks at signing of Paycheck Fairness Law
NH Governor Hassan signs Paycheck Fairness in Law
Governor Hassan speaks with teen about Paycheck Fairness Law
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What's New at NH AFL-CIO
Friday, October 17: NH Labor Rally In Hooksett
Winning pro-labor victories in New Hampshire elections is never a sure thing. But we know we can do it if we come together and talk with our friends and other union members about why it's so important to support candidates who will stand up for working families and who will work to raise wages and protect middle-class jobs. Read More...
NH AFL-CIO 2014 Candidate Endorsements
New Hampshire AFL-CIO 2014 Candidate Endorsements September 30, 2014 ________________________________________ For U.S. Read More...
NH AFL-CIO Labor 2014 Walk Schedule
New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor 2014 October Labor-to-Labor Walk Schedule Click here to sign up for a walk shift online. Read More...
2014 Candidate Pledge
Recognizing that many hard working, middle class families are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living, New Hampshire’s labor leaders are asking all candidates to sign a pledge for working families. Read More...
Paycheck Fairness Signed by the Governor

Statement of New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark S. MacKenzie on the signing of the Paycheck Fairness Act, July 22, 2014

Thank you Governor Hassan for your leadership on this important issue. And thanks to Senator Larsen, Speaker Norelli and all of the legislators that supported this fight to ensure pay equality and end this form of gender discrimination for the working women of our state.

This is not just a victory for women in the workforce, it is a victory for all working people and their families here in the granite state. When women are denied equal pay for equal work, New Hampshire’s families are put at a disadvantage. The lost wages are not there to provide food, clothing and other necessities that we all work to provide for our children.

The New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act provides protection for employers by clarifying the conditions when wage disparities between men and women performing the same work are allowable. This new law also strengthens the protections of current equal pay laws by prohibiting employers from adopting workplace policies that bar employees from voluntarily disclosing earnings information, and by prohibiting retaliation against employees who choose to share information about their wages, salaries, and benefits with co-workers.

The NH AFL-CIO is proud of the work we have done to support the passage of this historic legislation. It is one more step toward rebuilding a strong middle class, which has always been the foundation for a strong and vibrant economy that works for all granite staters.

Thanks again to everyone who helped promote and pass this legislation which the governor has signed into law today.

Mark S MacKenzie

NH Senate Block Minimum Wage
NH Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Increase POLITICIAN MAKING $185,000 A YEAR FIRST TO OBJECT TO RAISING THE WAGE FOR STATE’S LOWEST INCOME EARNERS CONCORD, NH – The NH Senate voted 13-11 on party lines today to kill HB 1403, raising the state minimum wage. Read More...
Outlook in NH on Construction
Pending contracts show weakness in N.H. construction outlook Residential, nonresidential projects off to slow start in 2014 By Jeff Feingold Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on gmailMore Sharing Services0 Published: 03.26. Read More...
Labor This is what it's all about
Ford: Labor unions saved us in darkest hour The United Auto Workers pitched in to get the entire industry back on its feet, Bill Ford says. Read More...
Minimum Wage in NH
Article for the Concord Monitor By KATHLEEN RONAYNE Monitor staff Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Email Print Comments (0) Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on gmailMore Sharing Services1 11:42 a.m. Read More...
Real NH Support for Minimum Wage
Article from Eagle Tribune February 12, 2014 People are showing support for N.H. minimum wage increase By John Opposition to establishing New Hampshire’s minimum wage at $8.25 appeared minimal outside the Statehouse yesterday. New Hampshire now follows the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, the lowest in New England. Read More...
Walmart Hit by NLRB
U.S. accuses Wal-Mart of labor violations The National Labor Relations Board targets the retailer over alleged crackdown on its protesting workers. Read More...
History of AFL-CIO Logo

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New Labor Secretary
WASHINGTON (AP) - With Thomas Perez now confirmed as head of the Labor Department, the agency is expected to unleash a flurry of new regulations that have been bottled up for months - a prospect that has business leaders worried and labor advocates cheering.

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